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Barbers Tea 1955 “Cinema & TV Stars” – Arthur Askey


This is card #2 of 24 from the 1955 Barbers Tea “Cinema And Television Stars” cards series. These cards were originally inserted with tea in England. The cards in this series measure 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″ and are in beautiful full-color. Besides the 24 color cards featuring movie stars, there is also a one-color checklist to go along with this series, which is extremely rare.

I may have never had heard of Arthur Askey before I had started collecting this series of cards, but I love this card anyways. The color scheme on this card may not have as much “pop” as some of the other cards in this series, but the portrait of Arthur Askey is great. The glasses and bow tie really make this card for me, he looks like some derranged super-geek.

The condition of this particular card is pretty much flawless to the naked eye. My love of this set, has led me to begin collecting other Barbers Tea series as well (click here to view some of my other Barbers Teas cards), but the “Cinema And Television Stars” series still remains my favorite.

The text on the back of this card reads:
Arthur Askey
Arthur Askey, born in Liverpool, made his first stage appearance in 1924, in Colchester. Well known in variety, films and revues and musical comedies, he made his first broadcast in 1933 and appeared for the first time on television in 1946. Arthur Askey, now firmly established as one of our most popular Radio and Television Stars, is married and has one daughter Anthea. His hobbies include motoring and golf.


Garbage Pail Kid “Blasted Billy” PSA


The card featured on this blog in my “Blasted Billy” PSA card. This card is from the 1st Series of Garbage Pail Kids, and was released in 1985 by Topps (click here to view my blog of my Garbage Pail Kids 1st Series complete set).

This is a very low-grade card considering the year of issue. The only reason I ended up purchasing it was because I was able to get it for dirt-cheap (and I love Garbage Pail Kids). I notice a lot of people go overboard with GPK PSA cards, paying rediculious prices for cards, that in all actuality, are not all-that rare, nor all-that valuable.

PSA population reports show that the market has been flooded with GPK cards by morons that are under the false impression that GPK’s are a super valuable and rare item, when it’s just their imagination. Fun to collect and look through, GPK’s are a great and unforgettable part of 80’s memorabilia. I will always enjoy Garbage Pail Kids cards, but there are definately a lot more valuable cards to collect out there.

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