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1928 Carreras Christie Comedy Girls (Cards 1-5)

Here is my collection of the 1928 Carreras Cigarette Ltd.’s Paramount Christie Comedy Girls. My collection of this series currently only contains cards #1-5 out of a complete set of 25.

These cards were inserted in Carreras Cigarette packs, back in 1928 in England. They measure 1 7/16″ x 2 11/16″, and are in full color. These cards are a rare and beautiful example of late 1920’s European Cigarette cards.

Eventually, I would definitely love to complete this set, but these cards are extremely hard to come by. My collection of these cards show some slight wear. There is some a bit of discoloration on the card stock itself . Also, some of the corners of the cards have become slightly rounded. Regardless, these are beautiful cards really capture the mood and pop culture of 1928. All-in-all, not too shabby for being 81 years old.

The following is a list of the complete set of cards in the 1928 Carreras Christie Comedy Girls collection:

1. Gayle Lloyd
2. June Manners
3. Edna Marion
4. June Manners
5. Christie Girls
6. Lorraine Eddy
7. Caryl Lincoln
8. Doris Dawson
9. Vera Steadman
10. Helen Cox
11. Ann Christy
12. Ann Cornwall
13. Vera Steadman
14. Christie Girls
15. Christie Girls
16. Jeanne Williams
17. Doris Dawson
18. Vera Steadman
19. June Manners
20. Frances Lee
21. Edna Marion
22. Gayle Lloyd
23. Gayle Lloyd
24. Jeanne Williams
25. Gayle Lloyd