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Rothmans Cigarette’s “Beauties Of The Cinema” – Rose Hobart


This is a Rose Hobart card issued by Rothmans Cigarette’s in England for their 1939 card series “Beauties Of The Cinema”. This set contains 40 cards, the cards in this set are unnumbered.

The cards in this set measure 1 9/16″ x 2 9/16″. A beautiful illustration of a cinema star against a metallic gold background is the trademark signature behind this set.

I wish I had more cards from this series, but this Rose Hobart card is my only card from the “Beauties Of Cinema” set. There are quite a few “big” name stars that are in this set, to learn a little bit more about this set, click here. If you would like to read some biographical, albeit limited, information on Rose Hobart (via Wikipedia), then click here.

Below are a couple of links to a two-part movie I found on YouTube featuring Rose Hobart, entitled: Joseph Cornell’s “Rose Hobart” (1936).
To View The First Part Of This Video, Please Click Here.
To View The Second Part Of This Video, Please Click Here.


Garbage Pail Kids 1st Series Complete Set

This is the wax pack wrapper for the Garbage Pail Kids 1st Series

This is the wax pack wrapper for the Garbage Pail Kids 1st Series

Here is a sample of my complete 1st Series Garbage Pail Kids base set. This is just the basic 82 card set without the variation cards. These cards were release by Topps, in 1985.

For only being a little over 20 years-old the Garbage Pail Kids 1st Series is a fairly “Hot Item” for Savage Nuns and Renegade Gyro Stand Employees everywhere.

The image below shows my favorite cards from this series. That is, with the exception of card 1a Nasty Nick. I decided to show this card, just because it is the “first card” , and one of the more popular in the series.

Card 24a is my personal favorite in this series. “Nervous Rex” (shown in sample below) depicts a baby; chain-smoking cigarettes and ingesting large amounts of caffeine via coffee and coca-cola. I doubt any cards marketed towards children would even dare to try to put this on a trading card nowadays.

The Following is a list of the Garbage Pail Kids 1st Series:

1a Nasty Nick
1b Evil Eddie
2a Junkfood John
2b Ray Decay
3a Up Chuck
3b Heavin’ Steven
4a Fryin’ Brian
4b Electric Bill
5a Dead Tead
5b Jay Decay
6a Art Apart
6b Busted Bob
7a Stormy Heather
7b April Showers
8a Adam Bomb
8b Blasted Billy
9a Boozin’ Bruce
9b Drunk Ken
10a Tee-Vee Stevie
10b Geeky Gary
11a Itchy Richie
11b Bugged Bert
12a Furry Fran
12b Hairy Mary
13a Ashcan Andy
13b Spacey Stacy
14a Potty Scotty
14b Jason Basin
15a Ailin’ Al
15b Mauled Paul
16a Weird Wendy
16b Haggy Maggie
17a Wacky Jackie
17b Loony Lenny
18aCranky Frankie
18b Bad Brad
19a Corroded Carl
19b Crater Chris
20a Swell Mel
20b Dressy Jesse
21a Virus Iris
21b Sicky Vicky
22a Junky Jeff
22b Stinky Sam
23a Drippy Dan
23b Leaky Lou
24a Nervous Rex
24b Nerdy Norm
25a Creepy Carol
25b Scary Carrie
26a Slobby Robbie
26b Fat Matt
27a Brainy Janie
27b Jenny Genius
28a Oozy Suzie
28b Meltin’ Melissa
29a Bony Joanie
29b Thin Lynn
30a New Wave Dave
30b Graffiti Petey
31a Run Down Rhoda
31b Flat Pat
32a Frigid Bridget
32b Chilly Millie
33a Mad Mike
33b Savage Stuart
34a Kim Kong
34b Anna Banana
35a Wrinkly Randy
35b Rockin’ Robert
36a Wrappin’ Ruth
36b Tommy Tomb
37a Guillo Tina
37b Cindy Lopper
38a Slimy Sam
38b Lizard Liz
39a Buggy Betty
39b Green Jean
40a Unstitched Mitch
40b Damaged Don
41a Mean Gene
41b Joltin’ Joe

1951 Red Menace “General Ike In Command” PSA

This is my 1951 Red Menace “General Ike In Command” PSA graded card. This is a medium grade card in a highly-desired set. This card #24 in a set of 48 in a series produced by Bowman Gum, Inc.

This is my only card from this series, graded, or otherwise. These cards are great and I wish I had more. Classic example of the times. An extreme phobia of communism.

These cards were designed to showcase pivotal events, military leaders, and instill fear of the potential effects that could be caused by nuclear calamities.

The back of this card reads:
“Children’s Crusade Against Communism”
24. General “Ike” In Command
You’ve heard lots of times about General Dwight D. Eisenhower-or “Ike”, as the GIs used to call him. You know how he led the troops of the western Allies in their crusade to free Europe from the nazis. Now he has another job just as big. The communists have grabbed eastern and most of central Europe. The people of western Europe don’t know when the Red Menace will strike at them. They have chosen General “Ike” to build up and lead an army large enough to defend their countries against communist invasion


1928 Carreras Christie Comedy Girls (Cards 1-5)

Here is my collection of the 1928 Carreras Cigarette Ltd.’s Paramount Christie Comedy Girls. My collection of this series currently only contains cards #1-5 out of a complete set of 25.

These cards were inserted in Carreras Cigarette packs, back in 1928 in England. They measure 1 7/16″ x 2 11/16″, and are in full color. These cards are a rare and beautiful example of late 1920’s European Cigarette cards.

Eventually, I would definitely love to complete this set, but these cards are extremely hard to come by. My collection of these cards show some slight wear. There is some a bit of discoloration on the card stock itself . Also, some of the corners of the cards have become slightly rounded. Regardless, these are beautiful cards really capture the mood and pop culture of 1928. All-in-all, not too shabby for being 81 years old.

The following is a list of the complete set of cards in the 1928 Carreras Christie Comedy Girls collection:

1. Gayle Lloyd
2. June Manners
3. Edna Marion
4. June Manners
5. Christie Girls
6. Lorraine Eddy
7. Caryl Lincoln
8. Doris Dawson
9. Vera Steadman
10. Helen Cox
11. Ann Christy
12. Ann Cornwall
13. Vera Steadman
14. Christie Girls
15. Christie Girls
16. Jeanne Williams
17. Doris Dawson
18. Vera Steadman
19. June Manners
20. Frances Lee
21. Edna Marion
22. Gayle Lloyd
23. Gayle Lloyd
24. Jeanne Williams
25. Gayle Lloyd

My PSA Graded 1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple Cards

1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple PSA Graded 6 EX-MT

1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple PSA Graded 6 EX-MT

Featured here on this page, are my two PSA Graded Shirley Temple cards. The come from a set of cards that was released by a company by the name of C & T Bridgewater in the year 1935 and came with Bridgewater’s “Wafer Biscuits” (cookies) over in England.

These cards belong to the Bridgewater Film Stars 4th Series set. There are a total of 48 cards in this set, the Shirley Temple cards shown here, are card #6 in this set. The Bridgewater Film Stars 4th Series cards are colorized black and white photos on a glossy card stock. These cards measure 1 1/8″ x 1 7/8″. The backs of these cards are blank.

My two PSA graded Shirley Temple cards are graded a 5 EX (Excellent Condition) and the other is graded a 6 EX-MT (Excellent to Mint Condition), this one is extremely rare. According to a PSA population report (click here for a link to that information), there are only 2 of these Shirley Temple cards in existance with a grading of 6, one of those two is in my personal collection and is the card pictured on the top of this blog. Also, there are only 8 cards in existence that grade higher then a 6.

The following is a list of all the cards that are a part of the C & T Bridgewater 1935 Film Stars 4th Series set:

1. Jackie Cooper

1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple PSA Graded 5 EX

1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple PSA Graded 5 EX

2. Frances Dee
3. James Dunn
4. Genevieve Tobin
5. Charles Laughton
6. Shirley Temple
7. Greta Garbo
8. Robert Montgomery
9. Norma Shearer
10. Dickie Moore
11. Jean Parker
12. Robert Young
13. Lydia Roberti
14. Mae West
15. Fred Astaire
16. Helen Vinson
17. Katherine Hepburn
18. Joel McCrea
19. Helen Twelvetrees
20. Frank Morgan
21. Jack Oakie
22. Fay Wray
23. David Manners
24. Ida Lupino
25. Otto Kruger
26. Margaret Sullavan
27. Jeanette MacDonald
28. Phillips Holmes
29. Joan Crawford
30. Lee Tracy
31. Janet Gaynor
32. Franchot Tone
33. Adrienne Ames
34. George Raft
35. Gene Raymond
36. Leslie Howard
37. Marlene Dietrich
38. Clive Brook
39. Colin Clive
40. Bing Crosby
41. Maurice Chevalier
42. Madge Evans
43. John Barrymore
44. Herbert Marshall
45. Diana Wynyard
46. Fredric March
47. Myrna Loy
48. Clark Gable

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