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1956 Barbers Tea “Aeroplanes” Complete Set

Fronts/Backs of cards #1, #7, #15 and #25

Fronts/Backs of cards #1, #7, #15 and #25

This “Aeroplanes” series is yet another beautiful installment of cards issued by Barbers Tea Ltd. These cards were inserted into packages of tea from England in 1956. There are 25 cards in this set, each card featuring a different aircraft that is portrayed in a beautiful full-color illustration. The back of each card features a detailed history of the aircraft and is printed in one-color (black). These cards measure 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″.

Barbers Tea cards have become some of my favorite cards to collect. The Barbers Tea cards always have a certain style and feel to them that really sets them appart from rival tea cards from the same time period. This series differs from the other Barbers Tea card sets that I have collected just because of the subject matter of the series (though I still love these cards). Other Barbers Tea sets of mine are deffinateley of alot “lighter” subject matter. The “Aeroplanes” set is a very informative, and educational series (reminding me alot of Brooke Bond Tea Co.’s style of cards-content wise that is, Brooke Bond could NEVER come close to touching Barbers Tea’s style).

My set is in awesome condition. There are off-centered cuts, but all the cards are in beatiful condition. The colors are bright, the card stock isn’t discolored and all the corners of the cards are razor sharp. There are two image samples shown of these cards. The first (upper left hand corner image), is a slide show that gives anup-close look at the front and back of four select cards out of the set (cards #1 De Havilland Vampire, #7 Auster A.2/45, #15 Avro Lancaster and card #23 De Havilland Dove). The second image (show below), is a slideshow that shows you the fronts of all 25 cards in the set, in groups of 5.

For other complete sets on my blog, I usually would not show all the cards in the set. But, since I feel this set is so exceptional, I had to go the extra mile and display all the cards. I couldn’t put myself in a position to show only a select few, and then, in turn, edit out and discard the rest in such a brilliant series of cards. It just simply couldn’t be done. I decided that they must all be displayed.

The following is a list of the 25 cards that make up this absoluteley gorgeous set: #1 De Havlland Vampire, #2 De Havilland Chipmunk, #3 Douglas Dakota, #4 Handley Page Hastings, #5 Handley Page Hermes IV, #6 Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52, #7 Auster A.2/45, #8 Percival Prince, #9 Lockhead Constellation, #10 Avro Lancastrian, #11 Gloster Meteor, #12 De Havilland Tiger Moth, #13 Airspeed Oxford, #14 Short Sunderland, #15 Avro Lancaster, #16 Hawker P.1040, #17 Supermarine Spitfire, #18 Vickers Viking, #19 Short Sealand, #20 Boeing B-29 Superfortress, #21 De Havilland D.H.108, #22 Hawker Tempest, #23 De Havilland Dove, #24 Westland Sikorsky S-51, #25 Douglas DC-4.



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