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Barbers Tea 1955 “Cinema & TV Stars” – Grace Kelly


This is card #1 of 24 from the 1955 Barbers Tea “Cinema And Television Stars” cards series. These cards were originally inserted with tea in England. The cards in this series measure 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″ and are in beautiful full-color. Besides the 24 color cards featuring movie stars, there is also a one-color checklist to go along with this series, which is extremely rare.

This card of Grace Kelly is a splendid example of the style and feel of this entire card set. Currently, the Barbers Tea “Cinema And Television Stars” is my absolute favorite series of cards.

This card isn’t my favorite in the set, but it’s right up there. Great composition, beautiful use of color as well as an elegant, minimalist design make this card of Grace Kelly a classy Hollywood collectible.  The condition of this particular card is pretty much flawless to the naked eye, and would most likely be graded very high by PSA. My love of this set, has led me to begin collecting other Barbers Tea series as well (click here to view some of my other Barbers Teas cards), but the “Cinema And Television Stars” series still remains my favorite.

The text on the back of this card reads:
Grace Kelly
Paramount’s “The Country Girl”
Although born in Philadelphia, USA (on November 12, 1928) Grace Kelly has a poise and beauty that is typically English. She is one of the busiest actresses of today. A blue-eyed blonde, she made her first film, Fourteen Hours, in 1951, followed by High Noon. In her short career has reached top stardom and set up a record by appearing in quick succession in director Alfred Hitchcock’s three latest productions – Dial M For Murder, Rear Window and To Catch A Thief. Bridges At Toko-ri, Green Fire and Academy Award nominations for her performances in Mogambo and The Country Girl complete her record. Educated in Philadelphia, she studied for two years at the American Academy Of Dramatic Art. Repertory and Broadway stage work was followed by radio and television appearances. 5 ft. 6 in. in height Grace is an accomplished pianist and speaks Spanish and French. Pastel sketching, playgoing, riding and swimming are among her hobbies.


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