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PSA Graded 1965 Gomer Pyle USMC card #4

usmc-psaslideshow1This is my lone Gomer Pyle USMC PSA graded card. This card in graded at a 9 (OC) – “OC” meaning, it would have been graded a 10 Gem-Mint, if it wasn’t off-centered.

This card is #4 in a complete set of 66. The set was released in 1965 by Fleer. The cards feature a black and white photo on the front of the card showing “favorite scenes” from the television show, along with a caption to go with the photograph.

The backs of the cards from this series are done in two-color, further detailing the picture on the front of the card.

The PSA graded card featured here is card #4, “Sergeant, I Hate To Say It, But You Just Don’t Whistle Pretty!” The back of this card reads: PYLE: “Sergeant, that whistle is gonna bust somethin’ inside mah head.” SERGEANT: “Pyle, whatever you’ve got in your head was busted a long time ago.”


1951 Red Menace “General Ike In Command” PSA

This is my 1951 Red Menace “General Ike In Command” PSA graded card. This is a medium grade card in a highly-desired set. This card #24 in a set of 48 in a series produced by Bowman Gum, Inc.

This is my only card from this series, graded, or otherwise. These cards are great and I wish I had more. Classic example of the times. An extreme phobia of communism.

These cards were designed to showcase pivotal events, military leaders, and instill fear of the potential effects that could be caused by nuclear calamities.

The back of this card reads:
“Children’s Crusade Against Communism”
24. General “Ike” In Command
You’ve heard lots of times about General Dwight D. Eisenhower-or “Ike”, as the GIs used to call him. You know how he led the troops of the western Allies in their crusade to free Europe from the nazis. Now he has another job just as big. The communists have grabbed eastern and most of central Europe. The people of western Europe don’t know when the Red Menace will strike at them. They have chosen General “Ike” to build up and lead an army large enough to defend their countries against communist invasion


My PSA Graded 1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple Cards

1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple PSA Graded 6 EX-MT

1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple PSA Graded 6 EX-MT

Featured here on this page, are my two PSA Graded Shirley Temple cards. The come from a set of cards that was released by a company by the name of C & T Bridgewater in the year 1935 and came with Bridgewater’s “Wafer Biscuits” (cookies) over in England.

These cards belong to the Bridgewater Film Stars 4th Series set. There are a total of 48 cards in this set, the Shirley Temple cards shown here, are card #6 in this set. The Bridgewater Film Stars 4th Series cards are colorized black and white photos on a glossy card stock. These cards measure 1 1/8″ x 1 7/8″. The backs of these cards are blank.

My two PSA graded Shirley Temple cards are graded a 5 EX (Excellent Condition) and the other is graded a 6 EX-MT (Excellent to Mint Condition), this one is extremely rare. According to a PSA population report (click here for a link to that information), there are only 2 of these Shirley Temple cards in existance with a grading of 6, one of those two is in my personal collection and is the card pictured on the top of this blog. Also, there are only 8 cards in existence that grade higher then a 6.

The following is a list of all the cards that are a part of the C & T Bridgewater 1935 Film Stars 4th Series set:

1. Jackie Cooper

1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple PSA Graded 5 EX

1935 C & T Bridgewater Shirley Temple PSA Graded 5 EX

2. Frances Dee
3. James Dunn
4. Genevieve Tobin
5. Charles Laughton
6. Shirley Temple
7. Greta Garbo
8. Robert Montgomery
9. Norma Shearer
10. Dickie Moore
11. Jean Parker
12. Robert Young
13. Lydia Roberti
14. Mae West
15. Fred Astaire
16. Helen Vinson
17. Katherine Hepburn
18. Joel McCrea
19. Helen Twelvetrees
20. Frank Morgan
21. Jack Oakie
22. Fay Wray
23. David Manners
24. Ida Lupino
25. Otto Kruger
26. Margaret Sullavan
27. Jeanette MacDonald
28. Phillips Holmes
29. Joan Crawford
30. Lee Tracy
31. Janet Gaynor
32. Franchot Tone
33. Adrienne Ames
34. George Raft
35. Gene Raymond
36. Leslie Howard
37. Marlene Dietrich
38. Clive Brook
39. Colin Clive
40. Bing Crosby
41. Maurice Chevalier
42. Madge Evans
43. John Barrymore
44. Herbert Marshall
45. Diana Wynyard
46. Fredric March
47. Myrna Loy
48. Clark Gable

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