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PSA Graded 1965 Gomer Pyle USMC card #4

usmc-psaslideshow1This is my lone Gomer Pyle USMC PSA graded card. This card in graded at a 9 (OC) – “OC” meaning, it would have been graded a 10 Gem-Mint, if it wasn’t off-centered.

This card is #4 in a complete set of 66. The set was released in 1965 by Fleer. The cards feature a black and white photo on the front of the card showing “favorite scenes” from the television show, along with a caption to go with the photograph.

The backs of the cards from this series are done in two-color, further detailing the picture on the front of the card.

The PSA graded card featured here is card #4, “Sergeant, I Hate To Say It, But You Just Don’t Whistle Pretty!” The back of this card reads: PYLE: “Sergeant, that whistle is gonna bust somethin’ inside mah head.” SERGEANT: “Pyle, whatever you’ve got in your head was busted a long time ago.”