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Garbage Pail Kids 2nd Series Complete Set

Garbage Pail Kids 2nd Series Wrapper

This is the wax pack wrapper for the Garbage Pail Kids 2nd Series

Here is a sample of my complete set of the glossy-back Garbage Pail Kids 2nd Series. It was released in 1985 by Topps.

This is the Complete Master-Set of the 2nd series. What I mean when I say  “Master-Set”, is that this series contains all the cards that make-up the complete base set (82 cards), as well as all the variation cards (variant puzzle piece backs to complete both the “Live Mike” and “Messy Tessie” puzzles, the “Award” variations on a few card backs and also the name change to card #49b from “Schizo Fran” to “Fran Fran”, as well as  the changes to the backs of cards that contained checklist that featured the name changes for card #49b) to bring the total number of cards in this set to staggering count of 131 cards.

Here are a few of my favorite cards from the 2nd series

Here are a few of my favorite cards from the 2nd series

The 2nd series is probably my favorite of all the Garbage Pail Kids series. The reason I say that it’s “probably”  my favorite because when I was a kid and first started collecting a few GPK’s, the 3rd and 4th series were the current series available.

I remember having a ton of 3rd and 4th series, and then one day, I actually ended up getting my hands on a pack or two of the 2nd series. As I open those cards and went through the five, or ten cards I had, I remember feeling as if I had just found some ancient scroll, some long-lost secret.

Even though the 2nd series would’ve been only about a year old at the time, I was only six, so I felt my small collection of the Garbage Pail Kids 2nd Series, were infinitely better then my other GPKs. I think that

Card #49a "Double Heather" and the card #49b "Schizo Fran" and the name-change #49b "Fran Fran"

Card #49a "Double Heather" and the card #49b's name-changes "Schizo Fran" and "Fran Fran"

“2nd Series Pride” was branded deep in my brain, and still effect my appreciation of GPK’s to this very day.

I also love the Garbage Pail Kids 2nd Series because of all the variant cards that make-up the series that I had mentioned earlier in this blog. Being a non-sports card collector I love the idea of sets that contain so many variant cards. It makes it alot more entertaining to collect and fulfilling when the set is finally completed.

The 2nd series of the Garbage Pail Kids is in high demand. I’m always surprised at how much money some people are willing to fork-out for Garbage Pail Kids. The cards may not be even a quarter of a century old yet, but these great examples of a phenominal pop-culture fad from the mid-80’s prove that sometimes you can’t really put a price on such great memories of our childhood.

To view my blog on my Garbage Pail Kids 1st Series set click here. If you are interested in Garbage Pail Kids, or any other collectible non-sports cards, please check back as I am frequently adding new cards and sets to my blog.

Here a two card backs showing the 2 puzzles from the 2nd Series

Shown here are two card backs showing what the 2 completed puzzles from the 2nd Series look like


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